5 Best Crypto Recovery Companies (2023)

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In the face of increasing incidents of cryptocurrency theft and loss, several legitimate crypto recovery companies have emerged to assist affected users. These trustworthy firms employ experts in cybercrime investigation, legal affairs, and asset recovery to help victims recover their lost funds. Here are a few notable crypto recovery companies.

The following companies are trustworthy, as some of them have been featured in Forbes.

1. CipherBlade https://cipherblade.com

CipherBlade is a leading investigative firm specializing in cybercrime related to cryptocurrency. With expertise in blockchain forensics, they track and investigate various cases like exchange hacks, ransomware, SIM swapping, fraud, and scams. They collaborate with law enforcement, exchanges, lawyers, and regulators to hold cybercriminals accountable. CipherBlade offers comprehensive services, including security training and consultation for blockchain projects, helping prevent breaches and ensuring responsible parties face consequences. Their impact on the blockchain industry intimidates criminals, prompting the establishment of new safeguards. CipherBlade is eager to assist crypto loss victims.

2. CNC Intelligence https://cncintel.com

CNC Intelligence Inc. specializes in global scammer tracking and fund recovery. With a team of experienced professionals in crypto investigation, legal affairs, and asset recovery, they have over 40 years of cumulative expertise. Their simple operational model involves gathering information, offering free consultations, analyzing cases, and presenting legal action plans.

3. Crypto Asset Recovery https://cryptoassetrecovery.com

CryptoAssetRecovery.com was founded in 2017 by Chris Brooks, an experienced technology professional, with the aim of empowering cryptocurrency owners to protect their assets. In 2021, Chris’s son Charles joined the company, bringing innovative perspectives and technical expertise. Together, they lead the way in crypto asset recovery and advocate for the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies. Trust Crypto Asset Recovery to be your crypto guardians and recover your lost assets, ensuring your digital wealth remains secure.

4. CyberHelpInc  https://www.cyberhelpinc.com

CyberHelpInc specializes in assisting individuals and businesses in recovering lost or stolen cryptocurrencies. Their experienced team is committed to delivering excellent service and support. They customize their recovery methods to suit each unique case, ensuring the highest level of expertise and customer satisfaction.

5. Coinretrieval https://coinretrieval.com

Coin Retrieval is a reputable crypto recovery firm that specializes in retrieving lost cryptocurrency from inaccessible wallets and hardware devices for clients globally. They have successfully recovered crypto for clients from various countries, including the USA, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Netherlands, Finland, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and many more. Their track record of success continues to expand as they assist individuals and businesses in recovering their lost funds.

To identify if a recovery expert is a fraud, watch out for these warning signs:

  • Requesting personal information (email or phone number) before sharing fee or service details.
  • Requiring upfront payment, even for small fees or deposits, with the potential for increasing requests over time.
  • Lack of physical address or suspicious location, unverifiable through map searches.
  • Lack of phone numbers on the website, and communication only through messaging platforms.
  • Requesting bank account details for direct deposit of “recovered” funds.
  • Unsolicited calls, letters, or emails from unfamiliar individuals or companies.
  • Possessing detailed knowledge of your lost funds without prior disclosure.
  • Use of free web service email addresses (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.), indicating caution.
  • Copy-pasted seals, logos, graphics, or signatures from other documents.
  • Poor-quality letterhead or unprofessional appearance.
  • Presence of grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Providing explanations for why fees cannot be deducted from recovered funds, or referring to payment as a donation or tax.

If any of these red flags are present, report potential fraud to the authorities.

In summary, as instances of cryptocurrency theft and loss are on the rise, several reputable crypto recovery companies have emerged to aid affected individuals. These companies, such as CipherBlade, CNC Intelligence, Crypto Asset Recovery, CyberHelpInc, and Coin Retrieval, provide reliable services with skilled professionals specializing in cybercrime investigation, legal matters, and asset recovery. They have also been recognized by Forbes for their trustworthy practices and successful track record in helping victims regain their lost funds securely. However, it is important to remain cautious and be aware of potential red flags indicating fraudulent recovery experts. By maintaining vigilance and promptly reporting any suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities, users can safeguard themselves against potential scams.

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