5 Main Features of Worldcoin (2023)

The Worldcoin Orb: Secure Biometric Verification for Universal Access to the Global Economy


Worldcoin’s unique verification process revolves around a central element known as the Orb, a biometric imaging device meticulously designed to securely and privately validate an individual’s unique personhood. This cutting-edge device leverages biometrics, particularly iris scanning, to distinguish billions of unique humans.

The Orb plays a crucial role in the Worldcoin ecosystem by granting users access to World ID and a share of Worldcoin tokens. This article explores the main features of the Orb and how it aligns with Worldcoin’s founding principles of privacy, trust, and transparency.

Biometric Verification for Unique Personhood:

The Orb utilizes advanced camera sensors and machine learning models to assess facial and iris features, ensuring the user is a genuine living person.

Iris scanning, known for its fraud resistance and data-rich nature, creates an iris code—a numerical representation of essential iris pattern features—to confirm uniqueness.

By requiring individuals to verify their unique personhood at an Orb, Worldcoin ensures the authenticity and validity of its users.

Privacy and Security by Design:

Addressing concerns about biometrics, the Orb prioritizes privacy and security.

Images collected are immediately deleted, unless the individual explicitly chooses otherwise, maintaining data confidentiality.

No additional personal data like name, address, or email is required, reducing the risk of data breaches or misuse.

Only the iris code, a message for uniqueness validation, leaves the Orb, and Worldcoin guarantees not to sell anyone’s personal data, including biometric information.

Fraud Prevention and Anomaly Detection:

The Orb includes a robust monitoring system equipped with a machine learning algorithm to prevent fraudulent activities.

Attempts to manipulate the verification process, such as using colored contact lenses or scanning a pet’s eye, are detected, and affected orbs automatically shut down.

This ensures the integrity of the verification process, enhancing Worldcoin’s reliability and credibility.

Commitment to Open Source:

Worldcoin exemplifies its commitment to openness by making much of its technology open source.

This allows others to develop, build, and operate similar devices that integrate with the World ID protocol, contributing to the project’s decentralization.

Open sourcing aligns with Worldcoin’s overarching goal of enabling universal access to the global economy.

Universal Access and User Experience:

The Orb plays a key role in Worldcoin’s quest for universal access to the global economy.

Through continuous research and development, the Orb maintains a fine balance between development speed, user experience, cost, compactness, security, and imaging quality.

Its user-friendly interface and straightforward sign-up process enable seamless onboarding of new users into the Worldcoin ecosystem.

Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Enhanced Privacy:

Worldcoin employs zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP) to ensure the privacy of its users.

The Orb generates a unique hash for both the user’s iris and the QR code, sending it to a sequencer node.

This node checks for any previous registration of the hash and connects it to the user’s crypto wallet address, without disclosing personal information to Worldcoin.


The Worldcoin Orb stands as a testament to Worldcoin’s dedication to privacy, trust, and transparency. Through the use of biometrics and cutting-edge technology, the Orb securely and privately verifies individuals’ unique personhood, enabling access to World ID and Worldcoin tokens. By promoting open source initiatives and emphasizing fraud prevention, Worldcoin paves the way for universal access to the global economy while safeguarding user data and maintaining user privacy. The Orb remains a critical component in the realization of Worldcoin’s ambitious mission.

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