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Crypto Tax India? 2023

Crypto Tax India: “Detailed Overview of Cryptocurrency Taxation with Key Regulations and Considerations” Since April 1, 2022, profits from cryptocurrency trading in India are subject to a 30% tax rate, with a 1% Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) on each transaction. The Union Budget 2022 introduced a tax regime for digital assets, including cryptocurrencies and …

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How many Indians have Invested in Crypto? (2023)

Indians Invested in Crypto: “Exploring the Rising Popularity and Factors Driving Adoption” The substantial number of estimated crypto investors in India, reaching around 11 crores, clearly demonstrates the rising popularity of cryptocurrency in the country. Over 110 million crypto investors in India either hold crypto or have traded crypto in the past six months, accounting …

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Is Cryptocurrency Legal in India? 2023

“Is Cryptocurrency Legal in India? A Guide for Beginner Investors: Understanding the Current State and Future Regulations of Cryptocurrencies in India” Currently, India does not have any specific law to regulate cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, the absence of such a law does not mean that cryptocurrencies are illegal in India. However, the government has concerns about the …

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