The Crypto World Scam Revealed, the CEO Accused, the Police Involved, and Lessons Learned

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The Crypto World scam, masterminded by Vikas Kalda, targeted unsuspecting investors with promises of tripled returns within five months. Over 140 victims have been identified so far, with the actual number believed to be higher. Law enforcement agencies are actively pursuing Kalda and his accomplices. This scam serves as a reminder of the dangers of greed and the importance of due diligence in investment decisions.


The Crypto World scam is an alarming case that defrauded numerous investors, highlighting the need to understand the scheme’s operation, the involvement of the CEO, the actions taken by law enforcement, and the valuable lessons to be learned from such scams. This article sheds light on the intricate details of the scam and its impact on victims.

Scheme Overview

Vikas Kalda, a resident of Ambala, Haryana, developed an elaborate scheme through his company, Crypto World Trading, to lure investors. With a minimum investment requirement of just 8,000 rupees, he enticed unsuspecting individuals by promising to triple their money within five months. Kalda skillfully exploited greed and the allure of substantial returns, successfully convincing hundreds of people to invest in his company.

Extent of the Scam

The ongoing investigation into the Crypto World scam has revealed over 140 victims from Haryana, India. However, the actual number of investors and the total funds collected by the company are believed to be significantly higher. The scam has affected individuals such as Sanju, Ravi Kumar, Sukhvinder, Dipak, Manish Saini, Sipali Kansal, and Deep Singh, among others, who fell prey to this fraudulent scheme.

Operational Tactics

Vikas Kalda left no stone unturned in deceiving his investors. He created investor IDs in the company’s name, stipulating a minimum investment of 8,000 rupees. Promising returns of approximately two to three times the initial investment within just five months, the company claimed to generate daily profits. Investors were supposed to receive a certain amount in dollars based on their investment, which was then converted back to rupees through an agent. By presenting substantial profits and offering what seemed like a legitimate trading platform, Kalda managed to swindle a significant amount of money from his victims.

Involvement of the CEO and Police Action

Presently, the CEO of Crypto World Trading Company, Vikas Kalda, is in hiding. The Economic Offenses Branch of the police, along with Jashandeep Singh Randhawa, the SP of Ambala, Haryana, are actively searching for him. Kalda, along with four accomplices, orchestrated this massive fraud, and their apprehension is a top priority for law enforcement agencies. An investigation into the 300-crore fraud is underway, prompted by over 6,000 complaints received at Anil Vij’s Janata Darbar, leading the government to take the matter seriously.

Chances of Recovery and Lessons Learned

The investors’ prospects of recovering their funds hinge on the successful apprehension of Vikas Kalda and his accomplices. Once the fraudster is brought to justice, there may be possibilities of compensation for the victims. However, the process is complex, and the outcome remains uncertain. The Crypto World Trading scam serves as a reminder of the perils of greed and the importance of due diligence. In a society driven by the desire for quick and effortless wealth, individuals become vulnerable to schemes promising significant returns. Lack of knowledge about investments and the stock market, coupled with persuasive tactics employed by scammers, contribute to people’s willingness to invest in fraudulent schemes.


The Crypto World scam stands as a prominent example of the deceit and financial losses innocent investors can face in the cryptocurrency world. As law enforcement agencies strive to bring the perpetrators to justice, individuals must remain vigilant and cautious of get-rich-quick schemes. It is crucial to invest wisely and seek financial success through legitimate means, coupled with thorough research, skepticism toward unrealistic promises, and an understanding of investment opportunities. By heeding these lessons, one can safeguard themselves against falling victim to scams and ensure a secure financial future.